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Domain and Hosting

Leading IT Company based in Kolkata offers Shared, VPN, Dedicated and Cloud Hosting


Our Process

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We must understand your business from the ground up, including your competitors, target audiences, and the products that are promoted. We design a logo for our customers that will last in the long run and will not need to be changed.


Research is important in designing a logo for a client because we need to know the complexities of the industry before we begin creating a logo. Also, We Analyze the competitors so that we do not repeat their mistakes or have relevance to their logo. We should be aware of the competitor’s advantages and disadvantages.


Before the final logo is revealed, plenty of them are sketched. It takes some time because it should be integrated into the brand identity. The final logo is then created digitally on a computer.

Previewing & Delivering

The logo is presented to the client, and then it is provided in raster formats such as PNG, JPEG, and Vector EPS, which can be used on a variety of platforms.

Domain and Hosting

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Domain Services

Swaragh offers Domain Name Consultation and Registration as part of the Design package in the quickest time and lowest costs. We help you to choose the right Domain Name that reflects your Company’s Trust and Professionalism.

We also provide services like:

Email Services

Customized email Ids help represent your Company professionally. We provide customized email ids that meet up with needs of clients which can enhance business transactions to be prospective and easier. This helps make the in-house and external communications simpler. We can help you integrate these email ids to google.

Hosting Services

We provide customized and reliable web hosting plans and space matching your Business requirements at affordable cost for your Website to be secure and accessible.

Swaragh is able to provide Client friendly, Hassle free services with excellent data back-up. We are in the best position to avoid any lapses as we work round the clock and monitor the operations closely.

SMS Services

Short Message Service (SMS) is the most familiar of the text messaging service widely used through web or mobile communication systems. We are equipped to provide SMS Services considering the wide data application usage with the growing number of active users estimated over 3.5 to 4 billion worldwide.

Swaragh helps the clients in making the best use of the modern service device as SMS is also employed in direct marketing, known as SMS marketing.